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Old Crooked Knife

September 11, 2011 2 comments

One of the neat things about the Gathering was the trade blanket.  In this event people take turns laying out items they would like to trade.  Once you lay out an item any other person can lay down another item in trade.  You can barter or choose to accept, or not, any of the offerings.  The catch is there is no talking.  I scored this old hook knife in one such trade offering up a pair of Crab Apple Salad Tongs.  It right handed, but I think I can create a bevel on both sides with a bit of work.  Hopefully it will not take me three years like the walnut handle in the last post.

The story on the this knife is that it was found in the 60’s in an old mine in northern WI.  No other information was known and I am excited to have it.

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