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Meantime back at the ranch

July 22, 2015 2 comments

Yes, it has been a long time since my last post so this will be a series of post catching up on the projects over the last year.  Apologies to all those that have been checking daily for my next post – yeah right.

When I returned from building the rustic windsor at Country Workshops I was keen to build another chair to reinforce what I had learned.  I bought several pals from Drew and one of them just happened to be a bench. I had to change the dimensions a bit to fit the space.  Essentially I shortened the bench by 1 seat back rung.  It was a challenging project to say the least.  My Myrtle plank was punky in spots and I did not have the required 3/4″ bit.  I made a fatal mistake in that I sized the seat rungs at 3/4 before drilling the holes and before finding out the bit was slightly larger then 3/4″.  I ended up fox wedging all of the seat rungs into the seat itself.  It turned out ok, but caused a lot of heartache at the time.  Each chair I build creates some new mistake to never repeat and always something new to fret about.  I feel good about this bench and plan to continue my chair building for many more chairs to come.


bench1 bench2 bench3 bench4 bench5 bench6 bench7

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