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The Nightmare before

Last night was the first night I dreamed about chair making that I can remember.  Of course it was not a dream about perfect joints or mastering the craft.  I can remember leaning back in the chair and watching as my rung joints slowly gave way pulling out of the mortises.  Of course I was powerless to do anything and to my horror the tenons began to crumble.  Luckily my wife told me to quit snoring and roll over before the whole ordeal worsened.  Once back to sleep it was visions of sugar plums – whatever those are.

Here is my 3rd Alexander chair.  Again in walnut; which is not going to change anytime soon (see previous post).  I left a large knot in the right front post which adds some rustic character.  The seat is rawhide which I soaked in water and then stretched over the rungs.  I still need to work out the bottom.  The rope lacing I have keeps snapping if I pull too hard underneath the seat.  I would not say this chair is better then the second chair, but certainly equal.  I had much more confidence this time around and many of the steps are committed to memory.  I still need to work on NOT undersizing tenons.  Another must is to ensure the back slats are of equal thickness or they tend to bend favoring the thinner areas.  This is chair number 2 of my dining room chair replacement project – four more to go.  Once the 6 chairs are complete. I will start making a few using the Boggs bend which is substantially different then the Alexander chair.  Each chair I make is slightly different.  This chair has only 2 front and back rungs.  I like this look, but I need to adjust the placement to be more pleasing to my eye.  Here are a couple of pictures.


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