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Walnut a plenty, and some final roorkhee comments

First, a few final comments on the roorkhee chair.  I strongly suggest you build this chair.  It is hands down the most comfortable chair I own – even version 1 in canvas that was too low and fragile.  I have suffered from lower back issues for years and this chair fits like a glove.  The pivoting back adds more lower back support as you relax and lean back.  To be truthful, the cheap canvas my mom sewed was more comfortable then the leather.  The leather is slick and you tend to slide around in the chair.

A bit more on the height.  The first chair was 14″ just like the Mr Schwarz instructed.  This version was so low and I felt like I was falling into the chair.  The second version was 15″ and much easier to use, but I broke that version as stated earlier.  My final chair was 16″ and just right for a fella of my stature.  I am 6′ and close to 250 pounds.  I did not turn the posts or rungs, but rather used a drawknife and my horse.  Again, build this chair.  It is awesome.


Now onto my tree.  A few weeks back I was trolling Craig’s list and found a person selling a freshly cut walnut tree.  It was $250 for the entire tree.  That was $250 dollars more then I wanted to spend, but since I was searching the alleys for wood as of late it was my only viable option for the winter.  Here is Nebraska most trees go straight to the fire wood pile.  The only trees people seem to save are walnut..  I made the deal sight unseen and the seller agreed to deliver and cut the wood for me for his asking price.  The deal was getting better as I do not have a truck or a chainsaw.  He arrived as agreed upon (miracle) and cut the tree into 4 foot sections.  The larger logs are 2 feet in diameter and the wood is perfect.  I had originally thought I would get 5 – 7 chairs front he tree, but the first log I split will yield 3 – 4 chairs easily.  I am working on chair number 3 and 4 now.  They will be the first of 6 chairs for my dining room as I work to better my skill set and add the term chair maker to be name.  This has been a goal of mine for several years.  I was always afraid of the process and found 1 excuse after another to not learn the process.  I am so glad that I finally tracked down a chair maker in Iowa working for Brian Boggs as he gave me the confidence I needed.  Stephen Z does not have much of web presence, but he is one fine chair maker.  Once I knock then Alexander chairs out, I plan to learn the Boggs style and then develop my own chair.  By far the largest hurdle is always finding wood.  I have even thought about driving to Arkansas or father and may have to one of these days.

Anyway, thanks for listening.  rod



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