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Still carving and wood working

February 10, 2013 Leave a comment

Funny how easy it is to neglect your blog. I love reading and learning from others and feel it is important to contribute – even just a little. Here is a picture of a small stool I recently made. If you troll back to the beginning of my blog you may find a shaving horse in walnut. It gave up the ghost several years ago, but I kept the legs. I finally recycled then into a small stool. The legs are walnut and the base is Myrtle. It was a quick and easy project and it now serves as a plant stand for a Rosemary plant. All hand tools including the beading around the top.

I have several more posts queued up including my folding workbench (Roy Underhill style), a pole lather with no pole, and last but not least is my toolbox. It will never be a master pieces, but all of my anarchist tools fit within easy reach….. I am hoping to do a short video on my tool box. I really like seeing others tools and why they use them.





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